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Workbooks, firewalls and proxies

Workbooks Support Posted: 2012-06-30 09:41

We're sometimes asked whether Workbooks can be used from a corporate network which has tight firewalls or proxies in place. The short answer is simply to ensure that your users can access the Workbooks websites and services using HTTP and HTTPS. This is almost always enabled for any network with Internet access.

Workbooks clients include:

  • Workbooks Desktop
  • Workbooks Mobile Client
  • Workbooks Outlook Connector

All three connect to the Workbooks service in the same way: they access it over SSL at Often users login to the first two by first visiting the main Workbooks website at or If you have web filtering we recommend you whitelist the whole of these sites.

For the Outlook Connector you can configure proxy settings if required - go to the Options page and choose Connection:

Connection settings in the Workbooks Outlook Connector