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What users can see

Keeran Posted: 2017-03-16 15:56


Once I have set up Workbooks in the way I would like my team to see and use it, is it possible to push the reports/views etc over to other users so that they see exactly what I see? I don't really want to go through the process of building the views etc on every user account.

Thank you.

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: Thu, 30.03.2017 - 10:42

Hi Keeran,


Thanks for getting in touch with this.


You are able to share views and reports with your team by using the sharing permissions. From here you can select which User Groups / Users are able to see the report or view and what they are able to do with it.


Once you have created a Report and have it set up the way you want it, you can edit the sharing permissions by selecting the padlock button in the top right corner. From here you can select who can read or modify the report view, by giving them read only permissions they will see the report exactly as you have set it up.


The same principle can be applied to landing page views, by selecting the View menu and then Sharing and giving the respective Users read only capabilities.


However it is not currently possible to lock the layout, so a User could edit the layout, in terms of column positioning and order, then save this to their Workbooks User Interface.


Please let us know if you have any further questions surrounding this.


Kind regards,