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Can the Files Tab (on notes) be directly access from a record

Stuart Posted: 2017-03-24 11:36

Unless we are missing something, it appears that to add a file to a record, it is necessary to add a note and to attach the file to this.

To view that file, it is then necessary to use the Notes tab (or the Summary tab) to go to the note, and then access the attached file from there.

Is it possible to have the file directly accessible from the parent record rather than having to access it via the note that the file is attached to? Could the add file button be linked to the record and for it to automatically create the note in the background rather than having the user create the note and then add the file?



Ross (Workbooks Online) Posted: Thu, 30.03.2017 - 11:12


Hi Stuart,

Thank you for a great question.

You are not missing anything. Within the normal Workbooks functionality, this is the way that files are uploaded and accessed from Records. This being said there are different ways using Workbooks to incorporate the access of files directly;

1. Build a Process to carry out the intermediate steps

A Script can be built, to be used as a Button Process, that will automate the creation of the related Note and present the upload file window to allow you to reduce the number of clicks needed to upload the file to the Record.

This will not reduce the of number clicks needed to access the file from the Record after doing so.

2. Utilise the Box Integration current available with Workbooks is a secure, encrypted web-based file storage system that currently has an integration with Workbooks. The Integration allows for an Iframe to be created, as a tab, against a Record that allows easy and quick access to specific sub-folders within This iframe acts as a web page in a web page so will allow you to access and upload files easily from the Workbooks Record.

3. Utilise another web-based file storage system with Workbooks Iframes or URL fields

Using either an Iframe, as a tab or field, or a URL field a file stored external to Workbooks can be referenced on a Record and opened in a new Browser tab from the Record itself by the click of a button. 

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Kind regards,


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