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Business Card Reader App

Lucy (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2017-07-20 16:12

In April of this year, MagneticOne released a Business Card Reader app specifically for Workbooks, now available on the Google Play Store. This app scans a photo of a business card, reads its contents, and passes the information into Workbooks as a Person or Sales Lead record - saving you time when networking and meeting potential new clients.


All you need to do to be able to connect to Workbooks from the app is enter your log-in details. Once you have signed in, you can then upload your photo and edit the information the app has scanned if required - e.g. Name, Company, Address etc. This is then brought into Workbooks as a Person/Sales Lead record, and at the same time 3 Note records will also be created:


  1. The original photograph of the business card
  2. A voice note, if you choose to record one via the app
  3. Any additional information (e.g. timestamp, Google Play User etc)


business card reader app.png


The app also recognises cards in 24 languages other than English, is free* and can use Facebook and LinkedIn to enrich the data you upload. If you would like more information about the app’s features, please see its Google Play Store page.

*Please note: Additional business card recognitions may incur a cost depending on your usage - please see the app's pricing scheme for more details.