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Breakdown of Legal Grounds used for People in your database

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2018-04-17 17:13

This Report was referenced in the first of our GDPR Webinar Series, and gives you the ability to see a breakdown of all People in your Database with the relationship that they have with your Own Organisation and the Legal grounds you are using to store their compliance.

This is a very quick Report to build but gives you a great level of insight as to how you are storing your compliance.


In the case of this Report we are only looking at those People in the database that we have a compliance record stored against. We will not consider people whose Compliance Records have expired, or those who never had a Compliance Record.

To create this Report you will need to create a blank People Report, and then add the following columns:

Person reference
Compliance Records > Legal Grounds

Once you have created these three columns you will need to create the following calculated column:

If(party_relationships.to_party.object_ref = 'ORG-1', party_relationships.from_party_role_name, NULL)

This column shows the name of the relationship type if it is a relationship with your Own Organisation (ORG-1) otherwise it will output blank. Now we can create a Summary View to show the breakdown of this.


Creating the Summary View

First you will need to use the calculated column we created in the details tab as the Grouping column.Then create a split column of the Person Reference Count split by Legal Grounds. 


You may notice that you have a blank value on your grouping column, these are all of the People without an Own Organisation Relationship but are compliant. If you do not want to show these people, you can add a criteria that this field cannot be blank.

This then displays a list of all Relationship types with a breakdown of the Legal Grounds and a count of the number of People Records that have that have a Compliance Record of that type against them.