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Can you add a Picklist to an existing Field?

James Posted: 2020-12-14 10:45

I would like to add the "UK Counties" Picklist onto the "County" field to make it easier to select the county But I can not see how this can be done without creating a new County custom field?

Any ideas?

I would prefer not to create a custom field because County is an original Workbooks field I will not be able to delete it meaning it will still appear in the search function -
so if I wanted to search by county two field options would show.

I could get around this by creating a custom field called county with the UK Counties picklist and rename the original county to Workbooks county or something similar so we know to only use the created custom field but it is not ideal.

Chris (Workbooks Online) Posted: Mon, 14.12.2020 - 17:27

Hi James,


Unfortunately, you are unable to edit standard fields within Workbooks. If a picklist is what you are after then what I would recommend, is what you have suggested, is creating a custom field with a County picklist and renaming the standard field so this doesn't get confusing when filtering on Landing Pages.

Another option could be using the 'postcode lookup function'. We partner with a company called Loqate who provide this 'Lookup' function on address fields. More information on the service can be found here and here.

I hope this helps.


Many thanks,

Workbooks Support Team