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How to create a Marketing Campaign with template Members Statuses

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2017-08-14 09:56

Often you may need to use the same Membership Statuses for multiple Marketing Campaigns. Rather than editing the available Membership Statuses each time you create a Campaign, you can save yourself time by creating a ‘template’ Marketing Campaign:


Step 1: Create a template Marketing Campaign

First create a Marketing Campaign and name it appropriately. If you have multiple types of Marketing Campaign which each need different Membership Statuses, you will want to create a template for each type, so perhaps call it ‘TEMPLATE’ followed by the Campaign type. For example "TEMPLATE event statuses".

Step 2: Set up the Member Statuses

Go to the ‘Member Status’ tab and amend the statuses your own standard Member Statuses.

Step 3: Make the template(s) easy to find

Now save the Campaign and navigate to the All Campaigns Landing Page (Start > Marketing Campaigns > All Campaigns) and add a filter for Marketing Campaign Name starts with TEMPLATE.

Save the View and name it “Template Campaigns". You will now have a Saved View on the Left hand side of your screen for an easy way to access your template Marketing Campaigns.

TIP: If you feel other colleagues would benefit from having access to the saved view, remember to click View > Sharing and add the appropriate Users or Groups.

Step 4: Use the template

When you next need to create a Campaign with specific member statuses, simply open the relevant “template” Campaign and use the Copy Record button on the toolbar.

Templated Campaigns can be useful not only if you want to use the same Member Statuses for multiple Campaigns, but also if there are other fields that need to be filled in for that particular Campaign Type.


Note: If there are any Members attached to your Template Campaign, or any other related Records like Activities or Transaction Documents, these will also get copied across when you create your new Campaign.