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Create a Report Bulk Action to update all Employee’s Industry Field for Organisations within the IT & Telecommunications industry

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2018-09-25 20:12

In this example we will be updating the Industry Field on a Person Record, this will be performed for all People who have an Employer in the IT & Telecommunications industry, to match what is on their Employer.

NOTE - As with regular Bulk Actions you are only able to update Fields with a fixed value, you are unable to use another Report column to overwrite the data.

Step 1 - Build the Report

First select Start > New > Report > Create a pre-populated report > Organisations to create the basic Report, then you will need to add the following column:

Employees > Person reference

Once you have added the column Save & Run the Report.

Step 2 - Run the Bulk Action

Once the Report has ran you will first need to apply a Filter to the Report to only show the People where the Industry is IT & Telecommunications now use the Bulk Actions button from the Report View.


This will open a new dialogue box to configure the Bulk Action, first you will need to select the Person Reference as the Report Column as we are updating a Field on the Person Record.


This will then perform a count of how many records will be updated, and then allow you to select your Bulk Action; in this case it will be “Update”. Select Next and you are given a list of all available Fields that can be updated in a Bulk Action.

Select Industry and the Picklist value of IT & Telecommunications and finally Update People.


This will then schedule the Bulk Action to run, and can be monitored or undone from Start > Bulk Actions.