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Access to records

Workbooks Support Posted: 2011-01-18 17:24

Can I make sure that users can only see records that are assigned to them?

Workbooks Support Posted: Tue, 18.01.2011 - 18:22

Yes, within Workbooks it's possible for System Administrators to set a global policy to control whether or not users can view and/or modify particular record types on the system. By default all record types are given an Access Policy of Public Read Write (except Reports, Dashboards and Email templates, which are given an Access Policy of Private).  The System Administrator can modify these global settings if required and apply any of the standard Access Policies supplied with Workbooks or create their own policies.  Careful consideration should be given to changing any policies to make sure that the policy really does achieve what you intend it to achieve. 

Also, changing an Access Policy is NOT retrospective so any changes will only apply to new records of the type for which you've amended the policy.  Access to any existing records can be changed manually (by opening the individual record and clicking on the Additional Information icon at the top right).  Below are step-by-step instructions on how to limit access to Sales Opportunities so that salespeople can only see the ones they created but that anyone in the Manager group can see them all.


  •  Click Start > Configuration > Permissions.

  • On the Opportunities row, click on the words Public Read Write in the Access Policy column and using the dropdown picklist set the policy to Sensitive, then click Save.

  • Click on User Groups > Manager.  In the Users tab, click Add User to choose any users who you want to be able to see all Sales Opportunities.  When you've finished click on the cross on the top right to close this.


NOTE:  Changing the settings as described above will only change the access policy for Sales Opportunities not yet added to the system.  If any records have already been added and you want those to only be accessible to the salesperson who created them (plus anyone in the Manager or System Administration groups), it will be necessary to amend the access Capabilities on the individual record, as follows:


  • Open the Opportunity record and click on the Sharing Permissions padlock icon in the top right-hand corner.

  • On the permissions screen click the Edit option in the top left.

  • Click on Delete this record (the white cross on a red background) at the far right of the Everyone row, which will make the row go pink and make a red strikethrough line appear.

  • Click Add Rule and from the dropdown picklist choose Manager (Group).

  • Click in the checkboxes under Read and Modify on the Manager row.

  • Click Save & Close.


The above procedure can be applied to records of a different type if you want to limit their visibility in the same way.