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contract status field

External Posted: 2016-03-04 14:19

Please review the API documentation to correctly reflect on how to work with customer contract status field.

It is indicated to be a string value which, if you look at the output on the GUI and in the JSON output for the status field shows the value of "Active" or "Inactive".  Trying to use these values in the filters actually doesn't work.  The value of this field is actually calculated somewhere.  The actual values you need to be searching for is "DRAFT" or "POSTED" and based on this you need to check yourself if a something is under contract or not...  I guess the same goes for either global contract status or individual contract line items.  Nowhere it is indicated that it is a calculated value.  Also for the contract line items it says it's based on a pick-list?

I got the clue on how it would work based on the "creating a report on contract status" post.


J. Cuypers


Workbooks Support Posted: Fri, 11.03.2016 - 11:58

Thank you for your comment, I will pass this on to our engineers and ask them to add a more information on this field in the API Reference documentation. You are right that it should be made clear that the Contract Status refers to whether it is DRAFT or POSTED, and Active or Inactive Contracts have to be found by filtering on the start and end dates of the Contract.

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Workbooks Support