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Different Sales Lead Forms

External Posted: 2013-04-09 15:54


Does any know how to go about creating additional "sales lead forms" - I have customised the main sales lead form, but now need to create 2 additional ones with different fields for the other services in the business.

I will use the form directly in workbooks for addding new sales leads and will also generate unique web 2 lead forms from this.

Many thanks, Abi

Workbooks Support Posted: Wed, 08.05.2013 - 09:03

Hi Abi

Apologies for the delay in replying regarding this query. (Remember that as an authorised support contact you can email to raise support cases.)

Are you trying to create a different layout for Leads?  If so, you can achieve this by navigating to Start > Configuration > Customisation > Record TypesSales Leads Form Layouts > New Form Layout.

If you want your prospects/customers to be able to fill in a form on your website which automatically generates a Lead within your database, you create as many different Web To Lead forms as you like. (Start > Configuration > Email & Integration > Web To Lead > New Lead Key.) The different keys that are generated can be used on different forms on your website and a web developer can set up each form so that the resulting Lead is populated with different information, such as showing a different source (so you know which form on your website was submitted), different default fields and so on.

If you have any further queries about this functionality please feel free to contact our support team.