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Dynamic MultiSelect possible?

External Posted: 2015-01-28 05:29

Hi there

I have a Report called "All Products" that lists all the Product references. Under Sales Lead I added a custom field, selected Dynamic Picklist and selected the report "All Products". This works fine but I can only select a single item.

When I add a custom field and select MultiSelect, I have to create a static list of entries in a custom Picklist.

How should I approach this to keep the list of Products in sync with the static Picklist?

Workbooks Support Posted: Tue, 17.03.2015 - 15:45

Hi Eric,

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to create a MultiSelect Dynamic Picklist in Workbooks. I do believe this would be a nice feature to have and would suggest raising it on our ideas page here.

Please bear in mind that this is not a guarantee that the feature will be created, however, the more votes it receives the further up the list it will go.