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External Posted: 2014-07-13 12:06

Can I use Gmail to receive and send emails for workbooks?

Workbooks Support Posted: Mon, 14.07.2014 - 15:43


You can configure Workbooks so that you can use your Gmail credentials to send emails from within Workbooks. Further details on configuring Workbooks to send emails can be found here, with Gmail specific information found here.

Alternatively you can send and receive emails in Gmail and share these with Workbooks using the Workbooks Dropbox. Further information on the Workbooks Dropbox can be found here.

Any questions please do contact Support.

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External Posted: Fri, 30.01.2015 - 01:55


We use a Google Apps account. We have tried multiple times to set up e-mail using SSL 465, unauthenticated 25 as well, but the e-mail a/c so set up does not sent out any e-mail and shows "Failed to send" error.


I am not sure what we are missing here, we have exactly followed the procedure given in your post abive. Can u help resolve this issue.