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Adding an 'add to calender' option to outgoing emails

Workbooks Support Posted: 2016-02-25 14:47

It is possible to add an iCalendar file to an email and have a recipient add a meeting to their calendar with a click of a button. Below we describe two mechanisms to make this possible;

Adding a calendar entry as an attachment

1. After setting up your meeting within your email client, forward the invite as an attachment to yourself. This is carried out in Outlook by forwarding as an iCalendar;

2. After receiving the email containing the iCalendar, save this file to your local device. The option to do this should appear by right clicking on the attachment name;

3. When composing your email go to the attachments tab and by use of the Upload Attachments button, at the top, attach the iCalendar file;

After completing the email text and sending this email. The recipient will be able to open the attachment and this will give them the option to add the meeting to their calendar.

Using an 'Add to Calendar' button from within the email text

This is a little more complicated but the results are very User friendly and look more impressive.

1. Follow steps 1 and 2 of the above method.

2. Upload the iCalendar file into the Upload Library. This will give the file a unique URL that can later be used in a hyperlink.

3. Choose and upload, to the Upload library, the image to be used as the 'add to calendar' button (in this example it was sourced by an internet image search).

4. When creating the email add the button image to the text.* 

5. Select the image and by using the Hyperlink button,  , browse the server and add the iCalendar file in the Upload library as the hyperlink.*

When the email is then received the recipient will be able to add the meeting or event to their Calendar by simply clicking on the button presented.

*NOTE: When adding items from the upload library it is important to follow the change laid out in this forum post so that the image renders in the received email, image below illustrates this.