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Inviting multiple attendees on meetings

External Posted: 2012-05-11 13:13

Is it possible to invite multiple people on meetings (and also tasks)?

Like in outlook where you are able to invite anyone via email to a meeting is it possible to do this in Workbooks?

Workbooks Support Posted: Mon, 28.05.2012 - 22:46

Not yet, but it is an enhancement which we will consider after the current release is deployed. There are a number of related ideas which we would also like to implement, ranging from a Calendar view for activities to full recurring appointment support.


As ever, please log suggestions at the Ideas forum where other users can vote for it:





Workbooks Support Posted: Thu, 05.02.2015 - 10:55

Hi Claire,

This functionality is now available on Meeting records in Workbooks. For more information, please see our Knowledge Base page here.


Workbooks Support.