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Workbooks Email Dropbox Hints and Tips: Creating and Using Quick Steps

Workbooks Support Posted: 2013-07-08 13:00

Users familiar with the Workbooks Email Dropbox know how useful a feature it is for quickly filing emails; simply forward an email as an attachment to the Dropbox and it will be filed immediately in Workbooks, and be linked to the relevant records.  For users unfamiliar with the Workbooks Email Dropbox, a short video and explanation can be found here.  Although this is a relatively quick process, it can be further sped-up through the use of Microsoft Outlook's Quick Steps feature.

NOTE: The examples shown below have been created in Microsoft Outlook 2010. If you are using a different version of email client/Microsoft Outlook it is likely that these steps will be different.


What are Quick Steps?

Quick Steps are buttons that perform multiple functions on emails e.g. Forward an email to a Workbooks Email Dropbox address, then delete the email from an Outlook Inbox.  This is quicker than clicking the Forward as Attachment button, entering the Workbooks Email Dropbox address in the To field, and remembering to manually delete the email.  It works even better when replying to emails.

NOTE: Each of the two Quick Step examples illustrated below have two actions.  They can have a single action or many actions.  The icon can be amended and the Quick Step can be named to suit your needs.

Quick Steps appear as buttons on the Home ribbon. 


How to Create a Quick Step

To create a Quick Step, right click somewhere in the Quick Steps section of the Home tab > select New Quick Step.  Add the relevant actions as illustrated in the examples below. 


Running a Quick Step on an Email

Select / highlight an email in your Inbox or open individual email > Click on the relevant Quick Step button.  An email(s) will appear.  Click send on the email(s).

If you're using the example below where an email is being filed and a reply is not required, click the Quick Step, then click Send on the draft email that pops up.

If you're filing the email and replying, you'll obviously need to type a reply, add recipients, attachments, then click Send on both the email that's being filed, and the email reply you've just composed.


Version Information: Quick Steps ribbon in Microsoft Outlook 2010:


Quick Step Example 1 - File email using Workbooks Email Dropbox and reply to the sender of the email

This Quick Step is useful for filing an email you've received, wish to file in Workbooks, and also need to reply to.


Quick Step Example 2 - File email using Workbooks Email Dropbox and delete email

This Quick Step is useful for filing an email you've received, which needs to be filed in Workbooks, but there's no need to respond or retain the email in your Inbox.


Warning: There is an option to delay the sending of an email.  We advise you not to use the "Automatically send after 1 minute delay" option as this can cause emails to be sent in a format that Workbooks cannot interpret.