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Create a DLI Custom Field to open Adobe Sign Tasks easily from your records

Alix (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2016-09-14 08:58

NOTE: Please make sure that you have installed the Adobe Sign Plugin and followed the steps on our Knowledge Base page before following the instructions in this post.

The button processes will look for a DLI called ‘Adobe Sign Task’ to update when the Task is first created. This means that you will be able to open the relevant Adobe Sign Task straight from the record without having to look down the list on the Activities tab to find it.

The plugin is unable to build this DLI and its corresponding report, so this will need to be manually created. Please make sure you follow all of the steps below.

You can build this report from a Template called 'TEMPLATE - Adobe Sign Tasks DLI', then skip straight to step 2, or to build it from scratch, please start from step 1.

  1. This report should be built from Activities, should contain the Activity Id and be constrained to the Activities of Type ‘Adobe Sign’. This Activity Type will have been automatically created when you installed the plugin.


  2. You will need to add a column for the Adobe Sign Document URL, which is a custom field that will have been automatically created via the plugin. Depending on what you wish to display in your DLI field, you can add other columns like Object Reference or Subject.

  3. Then set up a custom field of type ‘Dynamic Linked Item’ on the relevant record type; in this example we will set it up on Orders.

    Make sure to call the new field ‘Adobe Sign Task’, and set the report to be the report you just created. The Display Column can be the Object Reference or the Subject for example, whichever you would prefer to display, but you will need to make sure that the column exists on the report first. 


  4. You should then set up an Auto-populate Field Mapping for the Adobe Sign Document URL. The Form Field will be called ‘Adobe Sign URL’.



If you would like to set up a Report Cell to see the status of your Adobe Sign Task, please read Forum Post '2. Create a Report Cell Custom Field to show the Adobe Sign Document Status for your records (optional)'