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How do I know that I am using the current version of a Script?

Sam (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2019-02-12 21:26

Within Workbooks we host a number of Scripts in our Script Library, this library provides you with a number of out of the box Scripts that can be implemented through a plugin or by following steps within our Forum.

It is possible to copy a Script from the Script Library to "My Scripts" and run processes from here, this should only be performed if you are customising an existing Script to meet your specific means. Scripts within the Script Library can be automatically updated with new features or bug fixes by Workbooks and easily deployed to your database, if however you have copied a Script to "My Scripts" you will not benefit from any future updates that we perform.

In order to check that your Processes are using our Script Library version you will need to go to Start > Configuration > Automation > Processes. Then open the Process in question, from here you will be able to see in the Script section whether it is hosted from the Script Library or My Scripts.

If a Process is being ran from My Scripts we recommend that you change the picklist value to Script Library and then use the second picklist to select the relevant Script.