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Word Add-in not working

Christian Posted: 2020-10-31 07:55

I'm trying to deploy the Word Add-in to be able to create word docs from Workbooks and use the field information.
I've installed and deployed the add-in, and it shows as installed in the Microsoft admin portal, but at the end of the install it asks to check both Word (PC) and Word (Web) for functionality. In both cases, it's not showing in the ribbon. From the link in the Add-in, Word (PC) gives an error regarding permissions, and Word (Web) just shows the normal screen (No Workbooks). The Add-in shows as deployed but - nothing. I've removed the add-in and retried to no avail. In Word (PC), there are no Workbook add-in's showing and trying to add manually gives a permissions error? There has to be something weird going on? This has been tried on three separate PC's with the same results so I don't think it's my setup but maybe a permissions issue in Microsoft? Any ideas? This has been sent to support, but so far no solution and I really need to get it working. WIndows 10, Microsoft 365 Apps