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Event Portal - Using the Check In Portal

Alix (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2017-11-29 18:12

Below is a summary of each area of the Event Check In Portal, what it displays, how to mark someone as 'Attended' or add a new Attendee.

Main Menu

If opening the Event Check In Portal from the Preview tab of the Web Process, rather than from the Check In tab on an Event, then the first page you will see is as below. You will be asked to select which Event you want to check people into.


Event Check In

Once you have selected the correct Event, or if you are opening the Check In Portal from the tab on the Event, then you will be taken to the Check In page for that Event. Here you will see the list of Members against that Event, with their details and Membership Status.


Finding a Member

There are many tools for you to use to find the member that you want to Check In. You can use more than one of these tools at once:

  • Paging - You will be able to see 10 members per page, but can use the paging toolbar at the bottom to move between pages.


  • Directory - You can use the letters across the top to jump to the Members with names starting with the selected letter


  • Sorting - You can click on the Table Column Headers to sort by that column. Clicking the Column Header again will change the direction of the sort.


  • Filter on Status  - You can use the dropdown above the Membership Status column to pick the status of the members that you want to see. This is especially useful if there are lots of Members in the list that are not 'Registered'.


  • Search - You can use the Search Bar at the top of the page to find one or more members. This will start constraining on the results as you type. It will search on Person Name, Company Name, and Job Title. 


Checking in a member

Clicking on the Membership Status next to the person will automatically set their Membership Status in Workbooks to 'Attended' - you will see a loading wheel while this is happening. Once done, the portal will reflect the new status and the little icon next to the status will change from a question mark to a tick.


Adding a member

If the person you are checking in is not in the list, it may be that they did not register. If you run events that attendees do not have to book in advance, then you can add them into the system on the day. Click on the 'Register New Member' button and fill out the form.



Once submitted, this will look for an existing Person in Workbooks using the email address, or create a new one if a matching person is not found. It will then add them to the Event as a member with a membership status of 'Attended'.