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Reporting on your Customers and Suppliers

Workbooks Support Posted: 2012-05-29 08:54

It's a common requirement to be able to segment your data to identify who your customers or suppliers are.  As long as you tick the relevant checkboxes on an Organisation or Person record to mark the record as being for a Supplier or Customer, you can easily segment your data using either a filtered view or a report.

Filtering a view

To see all the Organisations that have been marked as your customers, navigate to the Organisations Landing Page and choose either the Customers or Suppliers view from the left-hand column.

Reporting on Customers or Suppliers

To report on Organisations marked as your customers, create an Organisation report with as many columns as you want to see. To limit it just to customers you need to identify those Organisations to whom your Own Organisation is a supplier. You can achieve this by adding a criterion as shown in the screenshot below.

To identify Organisations marked as your suppliers you need to take the inverse approach, ie, you need a criterion to show Organisations of whom your Own Organisation is a customer, as shown below.