In this podcast in conjunction with Communigator John explains what you may be missing if you’re ignoring the benefits of CRM. He mentions:

The detrimental effects of lockdown and how to work around them:

“We’re seeing a lot more emphasis on customer engagement, certainly in the last few months. A lot of b2b organisations have seen quite a dramatic slowdown in new business sales. So, there’s much more emphasis on engaging the customers that they’ve already got, supporting those customers through the current crisis, and that’s required them to work in different ways.”

How ABM needs proper coordination between Sales and Marketing:

“Sales can often help marketing teams work out what’s going to drive conversion to the top of the funnel because they’re out there talking to customers about the problems and issues that they’re facing.”

What is it that you’re trying to achieve as a business:

“Rather than getting hung up on the technology, take a step back and work out what your business goals are, why you’re looking to invest, then figure out how do you deliver those goals?”