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CRM Managed Service

Struggling to find the right employees to manage your CRM? Want better user adoption?  

Our team can take on the role of a CRM Admin and Expert. We cover online training to boost user adoption and carry out the admin tasks you don’t have time for. Currently available in the UK.  

What is Managed Service?

Through Managed Service we can take on the hard work behind the scenes to give you everything you need from Workbooks. This means you can save time and focus on your business results. And you can have total peace of mind in your CRM management.   

Based on your needs, we can cover different tasks for you from data cleansing and configuring dashboards, to importing data, automating tasks, and covering your user training.

Here's some of the benefits:

Cost savings 

  • Cut operational costs 
  • Revenue growth 
  • Reduce the overhead for employing a system administrator 

 Clearer data  

  • Improved business reporting 
  • Cleaner sales and marketing data with no duplicates 

 Better employee experiences  

  • Consistent and clear training for users onsite or remotely 
  • Improve adoption rates 
  • Free up time for your teams from complex admin

5 signs you need to free up your teams with Managed Service

Not sure if you need Managed Service? These 5 signs indicate it could help you save time and get better results. 

  1. You’re relying on a small number of employees to manage your CRM 
  2. It’s hard to find and retain CRM employees 
  3. You haven’t planned for future changes as part of your CRM strategy 
  4. Your user adoption rates are lower than you’d like 
  5. Your CRM support isn’t always available 


How much time is included and is it flexible?

 As part of the onboarding process, we will run a Workshop to understand your requirements and recommend which tier of managed service you need.   Each tier has an allowance of days per month.  

The days are flexible because sometimes you might need more assistance from us.  We operate a fair usage policy, which means you can use 50% more than your allowance each month at no extra cost.  However, if it happens for three months in a row, we’ll review whether you need to upgrade.  

Want to track how much time you’re using? You’ll get a weekly report that sums up how much time you’ve used.  

What’s the difference between Managed Service and Professional Services?

Managed Service can either replace your internal CRM resources or act as project team to help you complete tasks and manage parts of your CRM.   

Managed Service covers everything from report writing, data imports, and simple configuration changes to remote user training, maintaining data cleansing and report writing.  

Professional Services is designed to help you manage significant changes to your CRM system, for example rolling out new business processes and departments, integrating with third-party systems and building workflows and automations.   

Which user roles does Managed Service cover?

Approximately 20% of our teams’ available time is spent covering the CRM Expert role to cover:  

  • Business analysis  
  • Project Management  
  • Best practice / Solution design  
  • Process changes  

Approximately 80% of the available time is spent on the CRM Admin role covering:   

  • Admin and configuration  
  • Report writing and dashboards  
  • User support  
  • Data quality management  
  • Simple process improvements 


How do I raise a case?

We’ll give you an email address which you can use to raise cases. Our team will review and prioritize any requests that come through and come back with timings.   

Cases can be made visible within the support portal.   

How long is the contract?

Each contract is a minimum of 1 year. 

How much does Managed Service cost?

To work out how much Managed Service costs for your business, we need to understand what tasks you need help with. Talk to one of our team members to get an estimate.