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CRM for Business Services

Across accountancy, law and consultancy, each professional services company is unique in the way it works. That’s why the Workbooks CRM for service businesses deploys a tailored approach to CRM implementation.

We take the time to learn how you engage with your clients so we can implement a professional services CRM that works for you.

Find your leads, connect with your audience, and deliver unmatched customer value with Workbooks.

A one-stop business management CRM for the professional services sector

Optimize business development to support your growth

Streamline new client onboarding processes

Gain insights and tools for best-in-class customer management

How does our business services CRM work?

Optimizing your business development processes

You can’t work for your clients if your tools don’t work for you. Our business services CRM supports you in finding new leads through email marketing, events, and webinars, as well as cross-selling to your existing clients.

Gain visibility on where opportunities are won or lost, identify sales cycle bottlenecks, and optimize your lead-to-cash process with a tailored professional services CRM.

What you'll get:
  • Comprehensive lead management
  • Detailed analytics for forecasting and decision making
  • Referral tracking functionality

Streamlining client onboarding

Client onboarding is time-consuming, but optimized processes make all the difference. Workbooks provides features to automate engagement letters, KYC CRM checks and repeatable procedures for key workflows in professional services.

Reduce the time you spend on onboarding to focus on delivering high-quality services, minimizing the risk of delays and shrinking the administrative burden on your team.

What you'll get:
  • Detailed KYC checks in CRM
  • Convenient documentation of engagement letters
  • Upgraded contract management functionality

Enhancing client management

Great customer service provides a much-needed competitive edge. Using Workbooks as your professional services client management software, you can optimize communications and record all interactions, contract and billing details in one central hub.

This provides your teams across marketing, sales, support and finance with a 360-degree view on customer data — supporting account plan strategy, customer health tracking, time recording and billing.

What you'll get:
  • Improved client communications
  • Centralized client data management
  • Service monitoring and customer retention strategies

Why Workbooks CRM is ideal for growing your professional services

Sustained client relations

Scaling professional services firms must preserve their quality of service as they take on more clients and staff. By providing a single source of truth, CRM for business services supports high-quality customer service, repeat business and referrals. Keep track of communication preferences, target your marketing and sales efforts, and enable smooth handover between new and departing employees so that staff don’t exit with their clients in tow.

Integration with professional services software

Workbooks is a professional services CRM that connects to a host of software suites used across law, accounting and other client-based industries. As your business develops, our CRM platform can be launched alongside tools in your stack for easy workflow integration. For example, events-based businesses can integrate Workbooks with Zoom, Eventbrite, Evenium and more to pull event information, track leads and handle attendance straight out of the CRM platform.

Insights to drive marketing efforts

As your business establishes itself, it’s not enough to expect your target audience to find you. Instead, intelligent professional services firms leverage CRM to identify and reach the leads most likely to convert. Workbooks supports detailed audience segmentation, helping you to build customer profiles and inform your marketing strategies with knowledge of who your customers are, what they already have, and what they need across all distribution channels.

“Workbooks has given us totally new levels of visibility, allowing us to have a genuinely real-time understanding of our business."
Rob Quayle, CEO, Direct Life

Frequently asked questions about Business Services CRM

What is a business services CRM?

CRM in business services refers to the implementation of tailored digital systems to manage client relationships across accountancies, law firms and more. These tools help businesses to improve client interactions and onboarding through functionality like customer information tracking, automation and pipeline management.

What are the benefits of CRM for professional services businesses?

CRM systems help professional services businesses to improve their customer relationships and optimize their operational efficiency. By supporting streamlined communication, centralization of client data and automation of administrative tasks, firms can retain more clients, increase productivity and support new business growth.

What is KYC in CRM?

In CRM, KYC refers to ‘Know Your Customer’ — the process of collecting and verifying important information about a customer’s identity before providing a service. Many professional service firms leverage CRM solutions for KYC to store contact details, financial history and other relevant data, enabling them to minimize risk, ensure regulatory compliance and tailor services to customer needs.