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CRM for Marketing

Finding your audience can be challenging in a saturated market — but with CRM software for marketing, your audience finds you.

In a single platform, Workbooks provides the tools you need to execute seamless marketing campaigns, manage events and measure ROI.

Learn how our marketing automation CRM can support your business here.

A comprehensive CRM platform for marketing

Profile and target your customers with precision

Automate marketing processes and capture ROI

Simplify the management of webinars, training courses and live events

How does our marketing CRM work?

Segmenting your audience for personalization

Workbooks provides 360-degree customer visibility in one intuitive dashboard. Leverage insights derived from purchase history, interactions and preferences to connect with customers on a personalized level.

Our CRM for marketing enables teams to target communications and measure engagement, paving the way for intelligent, data-driven strategy.

What you'll get:
  • Customer segmentation and email templates
  • Actionable data insights
  • Geolocation functionality to plot leads and interest

Supporting end-to-end campaign management

Unlock the potential of CRM marketing automation with Workbooks. Seamlessly run email campaigns, manage compliance and integrate with other marketing automation tools all in one unified ecosystem.

Leverage interactive dashboards to capture campaign ROI, lead volumes and conversion rates, and manage hard bounces, unsubscribers and compliance issues on the go.

What you'll get:
  • Maximized lead generation
  • Tools to track interactions, bottlenecks and stakeholder activity
  • Full visibility on campaign performance metrics

Streamlining event management

Workbooks transforms event management, supporting marketers to seamlessly organize and promote events including trade shows, training days and webinars.

Simplify logistical elements and drive revenue growth with delegate self-registration, payment options and in-app check-in.

What you'll get:
  • A comprehensive event management platform
  • New revenue streams
  • Automated reminder and follow-up emails

Why Workbooks CRM is ideal for marketing teams

Actionable marketing metrics

Workbooks offers robust marketing metrics and detailed reporting tools to enhance marketing work management. Easily capture and analyze campaign ROI, conversion rates and lead volumes and track your customer journey from inquiry to invoice.

Productive lead management

Effective pipeline management is a collaborative effort between marketing and sales. Workbooks transforms your processes with automated lead capture, assignment, and scoring functionality. Label your warmest prospects for targeted outreach, assign leads to queues, and automate timely sales and marketing follow-up in CRM to ensure business is brought over the line.

Intelligent budgeting tools

An organization’s marketing budget is often one of the first to be trimmed — but with Workbooks, yours will stretch further. Simplify budget management by tracking purchase order status, managing and auditing sign-offs, and optimizing spending where possible. With full visibility of business spending, you can reliably measure marketing ROI and align workload and resource allocation.

“They've got a great product and great customer service. I don't think anybody could go wrong with Workbooks.”
Chris Rosler, VP of Marketing, Rotary Corporation

Frequently asked questions about marketing CRM

What is a CRM for marketing?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for marketing is a software tool used to help businesses manage their customer interactions and leverage data for marketing purposes. Organizations are able to view and segment customer profiles, personalize their campaigns, and automate key marketing processes to drive engagement and revenue growth.

How is CRM useful in marketing?

CRM is useful in marketing because it allows businesses to understand their customers, track interactions, and personalize their campaigns in response to customer activity. This supports marketers to target their efforts and streamline operations, improving both productivity and pay-off.

How does marketing CRM help marketers manage customer journeys?

Marketing CRM solutions provide a platform to centralize customer data for visibility and analysis. Marketers are then able to track and stay informed of all customer interactions, as well as optimize their strategies in accordance with the stage customers have reached in their purchasing journey.