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CRM for Accounting

Workbooks is a CRM solution tailored for accountancy and professional services firms.

As digital transformation accelerates, your organization needs to innovate to succeed — employing new best practices and a culture of salesmaking.

Redefine how your billing, onboarding and account management processes work with Workbooks.

A fully customizable CRM, integrated with your accounting software

Easily integrates with your existing accounting software

Enhances the user onboarding process

Offers unparalleled insights into your customer base

How does our accounting CRM work?

Seamless Integration with Accounting Software

Workbooks connects to your existing suite of accounting tools, including compliance platforms, payroll services and practice management software.

With Workbooks embedded in your workflow, you can push and pull financial data between platforms and ensure no data is siloed or incomplete. Our CRM platform supports comprehensive contact and data management for business development.

What you'll get:
  • Synchronized invoice data for detailed reporting
  • Compatibility with FreshBooks, Quickbooks, Xero and more
  • Ongoing consultancy on implementation

Streamlined Account Onboarding

CRM accounting software provides businesses with the tools to manage all prospect interactions and onboard clients efficiently, accelerating their journey through the pipeline.

With Workbooks, you can set up automated workflows, assign responsibilities for activities at each stage, generate onboarding documentation and carry out due diligence checks in a consistent and timely manner.

What you'll get:
  • Easily generated engagement letters
  • Detailed KYC checks
  • Built-in workflows for accountancy services

Comprehensive Business Development Tracking

Accounting CRM platforms are tailored to help your team manage all opportunities — filing details like timeline, services, pricing, opportunity value and gross margin in one centralized database.

Workbooks is pre-configured with records to track your business development pipeline and produce accurate reports and forecasts.

What you'll get:
  • Improved client tracking
  • Unparalleled pipeline development opportunities
  • Helpful overview and management dashboards

Why Workbooks CRM is ideal for growing accountancy businesses

New business growth

Growing accountancy firms need enterprise-level insights to attract and retain new clients. CRM for accounting supports your executives to efficiently target and nurture their prospects, with dedicated market segmentation and monitoring tools. Track all interactions, stay abreast of sales progress, and measure individual performance against business development KPIs.

Cross-selling opportunities
  • While developed accountancy businesses are uniquely placed to leverage a wealth of historical financial data, growing firms have fewer insights at their fingertips. CRM software for accountants changes this — providing one-stop visibility of which services have been sold to clients, where cross-selling opportunities lay, and the next steps for progress. This provides a route for new strategy and growing your practice.
Renewed operational efficiency

Over the past decade of digital transformation, many firms have turned to CRM accounting software to streamline their processes and minimize downtime. Accounting managers lose time and opportunities to missed leads, waylaid data and overall poor contact management — but these inefficiencies are eliminated by CRM accounting software. This provides a single hub for contact management and fostering new models of business development.

"Workbooks makes it easy - it's a very intuitive piece of software that's very easily tailored, once you've had the training to do that. Once you understand your own data flow, and understand that you've got to build process into all of this, it's a very straightforward process."
Colin Abercrombie, Partner, French Duncan LLP

Frequently asked questions about Accounting CRM

What is a CRM in accounting?

CRM in accounting is the implementation of specialized digital systems to help manage and maintain customer relationships in the accounting space. These tools help accountancy firms to support client management, communications, decision making and business development.

Do accountants need a CRM?

CRM software for accountants is hugely beneficial — and if accountants want to be competitive in the space, it’s an essential tool. How you implement CRM for accounting will vary on your client base size, complexity, scaling ambitions and existing onboarding practices. Workbooks offers full implementation support for every client’s needs.

How does CRM help accounting?

CRM helps accounting firms to improve client relationships, streamline processes, and drive business development efforts. It facilitates new client onboarding, data management, communication tracking, document generation and more.