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Most of the companies that have achieved great results with Workbooks CRM have taken part in our Shared Success Workshop. This is a low-cost and no-obligation exploration of what your company will achieve when you partner with Workbooks.

Our Shared Success Workshop involves an in-depth analysis of your current working practices plus tailored recommendations as to how Workbooks CRM can be successfully incorporated into your sales, marketing, production and financial activities.


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This is how the Workshop works

Typically, the Shared Success Workshop is a six-day consultancy run by two of our Workbooks experts over the course of two days. The Workshop sessions can be run on site or remotely depending on your needs.

  • Two days of workshop sessions run by two Workbooks consultants and involving your senior personnel from all relevant departments.
  • Followed by two days of analysis and write-up of realisable business outcomes with our CRM recommendations and a roadmap for success,

The outputs from your Workshop sessions will be presented back to your project team both in the form of a presentation and a detailed document.

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Chris Roessler, Vice President of Marketing & Advertising, Rotary

Other vendors were just focused on the platform and functionalities they had already built, whilst Workbooks was dedicated to tailoring the solution around Rotary’s specific business needs. Workbooks invested the time to understand our challenges and pain points. We felt confident that Workbooks would deliver and help us achieve the outcomes we wanted for the business.

Chris Roessler, Vice President of Marketing & Advertising, Rotary

The benefits of the Workshop

As part of our long-term commitment to partner with you, Workbooks will co-fund this Shared Success Workshop, charging you just 50% of our normal consultancy rate (Our standard daily rate is £960). Therefore, a typical six-day engagement will be charged at three days or just £2,880 plus VAT and expenses.

Following the Workshop your organisation will clearly understand the business benefits of CRM and the level of investment required to implement our recommendations. At this point you can either move ahead with Workbooks CRM and benefit from our free implementation days – or use the documents we provide to approach other CRM vendors.

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Low Cost Implementation

We recognise that one of the main barriers that organisations face when introducing CRM is the initial investment of time and money during the implementation phase.

Once you have completed a Shared Success Workshop – and we have a shared vision of success for your organisation – we will match your investment in Workbooks licences with free consultation and implementation days.

For example, if the annual value of your Workbooks licence is £15k, we will provide 15 free consulting days to help get you and your colleagues set up on the Workbooks CRM platform.

To qualify for these free implementation days:

  • You must have completed the Shared Success Workshop.
  • Your Workbooks licence value must exceed £10k per annum
  • You need to commit to a three-year agreement with Workbooks.

Please note: the number of free days that we offer is capped at 30 and must not be more than 50% of your total number of implementation days required for the project.

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Sam Tamlyn, General Manager at TCMM Shutter Group

Inviting experienced consultants to review our processes was a hugely valuable exercise, and the Shared Success Workshop allowed us to cost-effectively identify how the right CRM solution would improve our sales execution. We also identified significant opportunities to improve operational efficiency and now have a roadmap that allows us to prioritise investments in the coming years.

Sam Tamlyn, General Manager at TCMM Shutter Group

The benefits you derive from Workbooks CRM and the business outcomes you achieve will be unique to your company and the customers you serve, but here are some of the key areas where you will see improvements:

  • Increased revenue
  • Process improvements & cost reductions
  • Improved customer experience & increased customer retention
  • Better decision making & more informed insights

Once Workbooks CRM has been incorporated into your ways of working, your business will be considerably more efficient, more productive and more profitable.