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CRM for Customer Service

With consumers enjoying more choices than ever before, outstanding customer service has become a necessity for winning and retaining business.

With Workbooks, you can achieve it — a single source of truth for customer information across sales, marketing, services and finance.

Learn how to deliver exceptional experiences with our customer service CRM here.

Powerful service desk capability powered by CRM

Ensure end-to-end case management and incident resolution

Improve agent productivity and deliver superior customer service

Procure valuable customer insights from the data you collect

How does our customer service CRM work?

Supporting comprehensive case management

Elevate your service through CRM with customer support functionality. Automate case creation, assign priorities, and seamlessly route queries based on agents’ skills and knowledge.

Workbooks synchronizes contacts, emails, notes and activities across multiple channels so agents always have the tools available to deliver quality customer service.

What you'll get:
  • A self-service web portal for customers to log and resolve queries
  • Fast and accurate issue resolution
  • Integration with Outlook, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace apps

Enhancing agent productivity

Workbooks streamlines agent workflows through the automation of repetitive tasks and self-service query resolution.

With customer service CRM, support managers can use real-time case data to identify workload imbalances and easily reassign cases to different agents. Plus, monitor trends to identify patterns and make informed resource allocation decisions.

What you'll get:
  • Real-time case data for assessing trends and peaks
  • Full visibility of agents’ open cases
  • Smarter resource and workload allocation

Leveraging dynamic dashboards and reporting

Customer service CRM software offers real-time insights in a single click, with a suite of reports and dashboards. Get a granular view of all customer interactions, from marketing engagements to upselling.

Use reports to display agent performance data, share customer case metrics, and monitor SLAs to increase customer satisfaction.

What you'll get:
  • Actionable insights from reviews and feedback
  • Detailed team performance data
  • Informed decision making

Why Workbooks CRM is ideal for customer service teams

Performance tracking against SLAs

Workbooks offers SLA monitoring functionality so service teams can effortlessly measure their performance against SLA terms and ensure compliance. Track real-time performance by team or individual, promptly identify overdue cases, and address pending SLA breaches before they take place. With customer service CRM, your support agents can uphold high standards of support and ensure customer retention.

Knowledge base functionality

Workbooks enables businesses to create a comprehensive knowledge base by recording common customer issues and solutions. This centralized hub of information can be leveraged by customer support agents to build email templates, ensure consistent communication, and provide fast and reliable advice.

Insights for service improvement

Using the Workbooks data reporting functionality, customer support managers can identify roadblocks and make service improvements. Categorize customers according to sentiment, identify patterns and recurring issues, and leverage these insights to address common problems using the Workbooks CRM platform.

Frequently asked questions about customer service CRM

How can I use CRM for customer service?

CRM can be leveraged to streamline and improve customer service processes. It does so by providing a central knowledge bank of customer data, supporting efficient case management, and providing visibility into customer service performance to guide decision making and service adjustments.

What is multi-channel support in customer service?

Multi-channel or ‘omni-channel’ support refers to businesses providing support via multiple communication channels, such as email, phone, webchat and social media. Workbooks CRM supports agents to track and record interactions across different channels into one centralized hub, providing deep customer intelligence and continuity in communication.

What is an example of CRM in customer service?

An example of CRM in customer service is a system like the Workbooks CRM, which consolidates customer information and interactions into one unified ecosystem. This allows support agents to streamline their workflows, effectively manage all cases, and leverage customer insights to provide a greater level of service.