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CRM for Technology and IT Services

As the digital landscape evolves, tech and IT businesses need the agility to respond to disruptive market developments.

Enter CRM for the IT sector.

If your current system is failing to provide an edge over your competitors, it’s time for a change. Learn how Workbooks CRM could transform your operations here.

A flexible CRM platform for technology companies

Attract the most productive leads

Manage orders from inquiry to invoice

Turn customer service into a competitive advantage

How does our tech services CRM work?

Generating more high-value leads

Tech businesses use a variety of marketing strategies to communicate their value proposition. Workbooks supports email marketing, webinars, trade shows and more to help you attract prospects.

Once in the pipeline, your sales team gains a complete view of prospects’ buying process and can identify those most likely to convert with lead scoring and surveys.

What you'll get:
  • Automation of sales and marketing workflows
  • Bespoke tools for account, channel and renewal management
  • Full pipeline visibility

Simplifying your order management

Other CRM tech platforms lack order fulfillment capabilities, stalling productivity. Workbooks supports end-to-end order processing and service delivery, reducing activity duplication and time lost to manual processes.

Automate order fulfillment with proposals, quotes, entitlement management and invoicing in one integrated ecosystem.

What you'll get:
  • A central repository for all transactional data
  • Tools for managing support, maintenance and managed services
  • Precise tracking, delivery and billing

Supporting first-rate customer care

Looking to exceed customer expectations? Workbooks offers multi-channel support, activity tracking, SLA reporting and routed incident management so you can support your clients.

Manage technical queries fast and consistently with a central knowledge base, plus reduce the burden on customer support agents with a self-service help portal linked to your CRM.

What you'll get:
  • Comprehensive multi-channel customer support
  • Fast and reliable SLA reporting
  • Self-service portal and knowledge base setup

Why Workbooks CRM is ideal for growing IT and tech businesses

Efficient CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

As your business scales, your CPQ processes need to scale with it. Workbooks provides tech vendors and channel partners with a CPQ solution fully housed in the CRM platform. With automated quoting, your sales team can ensure reliable, documented pricing every time, even when discounting options and vendor special pricing are applied. All data is centralized and easily passed onto finance and production teams.

Hassle-free integrations

Operating in the technology space, your business is likely to have countless specialized software tools on its books. As you look to innovate and grow, you’ll need to leverage these alongside your CRM platform. Workbooks integrates with software across accounting, development, database software and more, so you can access the powerful integrations you need to save time and optimize your workflows.

Unlimited support for evolving needs

Whatever your specific service offering, the Workbooks team is on hand to support your CRM implementation. We provide ongoing support and encourage your tech business to innovate with a rich resource of customer insights. Using the Workbooks CRM, you can learn how users respond to your marketing communications, service changes, product updates and more to inform decision making.

“Workbooks has been a success for our business – we now have better visibility of business metrics, have streamlined our sales order processing and reduced our operational costs significantly. It makes our business much more efficient and it’s also easy to use, which is a plus!”
AJ Thompson, CCO, Northdoor

Frequently asked questions about technology services CRM

What is a CRM in the IT industry?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in IT refers to the techniques and systems that IT businesses use to manage their customer interactions. These help companies organize important customer information, streamline their external communications, and support sales and marketing in the fast-paced IT space.

What is high tech marketing?

‘High tech marketing’ can have two meanings. Firstly, it can refer to the use of advanced tech solutions driven by data analytics and digital channels to fulfill marketing duties, such as the use of a high tech CRM platform to automate email marketing. Or, it might also refer to the marketing of advanced technology solutions, which CRM can also help facilitate.

What is an SLA in CRM?

In CRM, an SLA is a ‘Service Level Agreement’. This is the contract defining the level of service a provider is expected to offer. SLAs typically outline performance targets like the minimum response time for customer support. They help ensure that both the provider and customer have a clear understanding of the level of service that should be provided.