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CRM for Commercial Operations

Order management involves many moving parts — but with Workbooks CRM, you can manage suppliers, contracts and orders from one intuitive tool.

Align finance and sales and provide outstanding customer service with Workbooks. Learn how our platform is transforming commercial operations workflows here.

An integrated CRM solution for commercial operations

Update your approach to supplier management

Leverage powerful order processing automations

Optimize global services with multi-currency functionality

How does our commercial operations CRM work?

Revolutionizing supplier management

Workbooks provides comprehensive sales management software to centralize supplier information. Teams can access supplier data anytime, anywhere.

This enables your business to efficiently create and file supplier contracts and manage onboarding processes including risk assessments and quality audits.

What you'll get:
  • Tracking of all suppliers, communications and specific pricing
  • Seamless data integration with finance and ERP systems
  • Enhanced accuracy with rule-driven pricing

Modernizing order processing

Workbooks is built on automations that bring your CRM order processing into the modern age. Turn quotes into orders in a single click, integrate e-signatures for streamlined purchasing, and reduce the administrative burden on your team.

In one accessible system, you can simplify your workflows with automated order approvals, fulfillment tracking and invoicing functionality.

What you'll get:
  • Bespoke automations for CPQ, contract approval and more
  • CRM invoice software
  • Status tracking on orders and individual line items

Simplifying multi-currency and tax compliance

Streamline your global operations with pre-configured tax, currency and legal requirements for international customers.

Workbooks makes reporting at a global level easy with local and home currencies available for each quote, contract, order and invoice. Automatically adapt all documents for local rules with pre-set periods and currencies within our CRM platform.

What you'll get:
  • Adjustable compliance rules and tax schemes for each legal entity
  • Multi-currency reporting
  • Automated currency conversion

Why Workbooks CRM is ideal for commercial operations teams

Real-time reporting

Experience the power of real-time reporting with Workbooks. In just a few clicks, teams gain total visibility on time-sensitive quotes, pending approvals, open orders and outstanding invoices. Equip your salespeople with efficient order tracking, performance and commission management tools, prompting faster revenue recognition and ensuring that no money is left on the table.

Consistently accurate sales quotes

With automations for quoting and contract production, your team can build reliable, accurate sales quotes in minutes. Standardize your terms and conditions, expedite approval workflows and empower your salespeople to select the right products and services for each customer. Achieve higher pricing precision and guarantee customer satisfaction with Workbooks.

Effective contract management

Workbook offers CRM contract management functionality to ensure you’re retaining your long-term customers with each passing renewal. Automate contract reminders, invoicing and payment collection and predict future subscription levels in the CRM platform. Then, when you’re ready to produce new documentation, effortlessly generate branded proposals and contracts using custom templates. Workbooks enables a straightforward buying experience on either side of the transaction.

“We had overloaded external people and underused internal people. With Workbooks, we now allocate our sales resources much more effectively.”
Adam Priestley - Business Development Manager, Palagan

Frequently asked questions about commercial operations CRM

What is CRM in order management?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in order management refers to the systems used to manage customer and supplier interactions, as well as the processing and fulfillment of orders. CRM is used as sales order management software to streamline the end-to-end process and drive higher operational efficiency.

Can you use a CRM to manage suppliers?

Yes, you can use a CRM system to manage suppliers. CRM platforms are equipped with tools to manage supplier data like pricing and communications and streamline important processes such as onboarding, quality audits and risk assessments.

Is CCH a CRM system?

CCH is not primarily known as a CRM system. The platform specializes in tax and accounting software, while CRM systems focus on managing customer relationships across various business functions. Users can deliver superior customer experiences by integrating a specialized CRM platform with any accounting software they might already be using, such as CCH.