According to research carried out at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York, Disaster Recovery (DR) plans are one of the biggest drivers behind the adoption of cloud storage, with 55% of organisations using it because it provides off-site data protection.

Is your business prepared for unforeseen disasters?

Floods, fires, snow, power cuts and strikes are just some of the reasons businesses are moving data storage to the cloud.

But don’t just move it there, use it there.

Did you know the right CRM enables your whole business to operate from the Cloud?

So even without an expensive DR plan in place, your data is safe and accessible, meaning your staff can work from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Marketing, sales, finance and customer service can continue, disaster or no disaster.

Isn’t the customer truly the focus of everything you do?

A Cloud-based CRM that manages your entire customer process helps to keep them there, no matter what happens.

  • Leads can be generated and allocated.
  • Sales meetings can go ahead.
  • Invoices can be issued.
  • Customers can be given support.

Gartner said that CRM was the #1 technology-enabled investment focus for 2012

That’s because the right CRM system is so much more than just a CRM system.

It’s a business and data management tool that enables your company to deliver the best service across all departments.

Even if disaster strikes.

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