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Your website is about attracting more visitors and converting more leads – but it can only be used as a sales tool if you’re able to track, record, analyze and follow-up with your passing traffic.

This is where knowledge is power. The more knowledge you can gather about your customers and prospects the more powerful your marketing and sales strategy will be. Workbooks CRM can help turn website traffic into leads by aiding you in discovering who is on your website, what pages they viewed and more.

  • Easily create different forms to capture and classify different types of leads.

  • Capture relevant information (source, campaign, medium etc.) for ROI reporting.

  • Capture visitors data such as last visited date, last conversion, number of visits, pages viewed etc.

  • Report on ‘people on your website today / this week’ to drive sales and marketing behavior.

  • Create notifications when key leads have visited your site.

  • Integrate with Marketing Automation platforms.

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CRM for Website Analytics & Lead Capture

When someone visits your website you know where they came from – online search, social media, or another route – and the campaign they responded to. Do some campaign messages work better than others? Do more of them. Does a certain channel tend to drive more conversions? Use that channel. Does certain marketing activity encourage sales in a particular part of your business? This sort of information gives you control over your business: when you want to build revenue in a certain area you know which marketing activity to use. With Workbooks CRM, you can track all that.

You can easily create web forms on your website which, when completed by visitors, automatically and instantly creates a record in your CRM. The system will intelligently search to see if the person already exists and update them – avoiding the creation of duplicate records and removing any manual processes.

But that’s not all. When you combine core CRM functionalities with Workbooks Web analytics (IP look-up technology) Web Insights, you can take things one step further, and truly transform your sales and marketing engagement.

For salespeople, Web Insights offers many benefits. They can set up notifications so they know when key leads have visited your site, and so make follow up calls at the optimum time. They can build reports that show ‘people last on your website’ to drive sales and marketing behavior. They can review how ‘hot’ the leads are based on their website visits and the score they have accumulated.

The record for each prospect on the CRM platform contains website data such as last visited date, last conversion, number of visits and pages viewed. Salespeople then don’t waste time pitching products or services that are irrelevant to that particular lead. Their conversations can be far more focused, and successful. And marketing is empowered with knowledge and insights that help determine future campaigns and ensure information is given to the right people at the right time.

You can leverage Workbooks Marketing Automation functionalities or integrate with third party marketing platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot, so your entire marketing process is seamless from start to finish.

To better understand the value of combining CRM and marketing Automation, read our whitepaper.

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