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Sales is an imprecise science. At the end of the day it comes down to another person, or group of people, making a choice. Either they say yes or they say no. Or they say not yet. Or they don’t tell you what they’ve decided – or even whether they’ve made a decision yet. This uncertainty makes it very difficult to forecast sales revenue. However, gaining greater accuracy over sales forecasts is very useful for an organization. It enables management to plan for delivery and then to allocate resources for future activity.

  • Report on any attributes of an opportunity, including sales rep, products being sold, gross margin, geography.

  • Identify what you have achieved this quarter and the status and likelihood of the deals outstanding.

  • Analyse your sales team’s performance and identify improvement areas.

  • Plan resources for order fulfilment.

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CRM for Accurate Sales Forecasting

CRM from Workbooks significantly improves accuracy of sales forecasting. It does this primarily by helping you identify your best case and committing to it. Rather than spreading your resources across many possible customers, or guessing the one most likely to convert, you hone in on the one that, according to objective criteria, is most likely to convert.

More broadly Workbooks CRM tells you how likely each deal is to close. It looks back at what has happened with prospects in similar situations – did they convert or not, how long did it take – and uses this information to provide a reasonably accurate prediction for those currently in your pipeline.

Workbooks CRM presents this information in an easy to understand dashboard that you can view whenever you need to, and wherever you are. You can see any attributes of an opportunity – which salesperson is working on it, which products you are selling, potential gross margin, location, and so on. You can consolidate opportunities in multiple currencies into a single report. You can see what you have achieved this quarter and the status and likelihood of the deals that are outstanding. You can plan resources for order fulfilment.

It’s still sales, so the unexpected will still happen. Dead certs will still fall through, and leads you never expected to convert will fly through to signature. But CRM from Workbooks makes your forecasting far more accurate.

Learn how to make everyday a better sales day with our Grow Revenue and Close More Deals Using CRM whitepaper.

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