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Maintaining the quality of your customer and prospect data inside CRM can be a challenge. With data flowing in from your website, being imported from third-party data sources and being manually input by your sales team you can quickly end up with lots of duplicate records, despite your best intentions.

Workbooks Data Quality (DQ) solves this problem by providing a range of data deduplication and data quality tools which can be used directly inside the Workbooks CRM platform. The core functionality includes:

  • Identifying duplicate records en masse, using advance fuzzy matching algorithms
  • Define merging rules when merge records in bulk
  • Automate the process to ensure your data always remains clean

The Workbooks DQ product has been developed in conjunction with DQ Global, a leading provider of data quality solutions. It runs within the Workbooks CRM platform and is built on top of the Workbooks Bulk Merge capability. This provides the additional benefit of being able to ‘roll back’ a merge process if you accidentally merged the wrong records.

Workbooks DQ features

Advanced fuzzy matching
International capabilities
Multi-record review screen
Library of transforms
Match scoring
Re-useable session templates
Multi-user review/user permissions
Workbooks Report as Source to deduplicate
Flexible match session definition