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CRM for Sales

Stop leaving money on the table — and start using a dedicated sales CRM tool to win more business.

Workbooks supports companies to identify their most valuable opportunities, close more deals, and grow their revenue.

Learn how our sales CRM software can support your business here.

A comprehensive CRM platform for sales

Develop a 360-degree view of your customer

Track sales activity as it happens

Gain deep revenue intelligence

How does our sales CRM work?

Mapping customer relationships

Customer data powers customer relationship management. With Workbooks, your sales team can automatically roll up data for a summary view of all account activity, building continuity into customer interactions.

Consolidate supplier, customer and partner information and integrate the Workbooks CRM with your email and productivity tools to drive sales success.

What you'll get:
  • Richer contact information
  • Identification of cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Synchronization with Outlook, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Tracking all sales activity

With automatic tracking and real-time reporting, Workbooks CRM offers granular insights into who is performing well and who needs support across the sales team.

This supports businesses to allocate resources more effectively and ensure all opportunities are progressed appropriately.

What you'll get:
  • Full visibility on KPI fulfillment and timelines
  • Geolocation functionality to inform field rep strategy
  • Detailed sales data accessible from mobile devices

Generating powerful revenue intelligence

Workbooks sales software offers an accessible, comprehensive dashboard for on-the-go sales data access. The platform allows you to automate deal probability analysis and generate reports to show real-time pipeline visibility.

This intelligence helps improve forecasting and support informed decision making, identifying ‘best case’ scenarios and opportunities that require prioritization.

What you'll get:
  • Reports for opportunities across multiple currencies
  • Insights into productivity silos and areas for improvement
  • Accurate forecasting data to assist with business planning

Why Workbooks CRM is ideal for sales teams

Automated workflows

Workbooks offers the tools to automate repetitive tasks and reduce administrative burden, leaving agents more time for strategic tasks, such as client relationship building. CRM software for sales enables you to turn quotes into orders with a single click, track fulfillment, and leverage electronic signatures to streamline end-to-end order creation.

Effortless renewal management

The feature set offered by Workbooks’ online sales software doesn’t exclusively cater to one-time sales. From a single CRM platform, you can leverage functionality to oversee subscription and renewal management. Features include automatic contract renewal reminders and tools to identify renewal rates and predict future subscription levels, maximizing the revenue from your existing customers.

Tools for relationship building

Connection is a human thing — but it happens faster with the right tools. Workbooks facilitates deeper customer understanding by providing sales agents with complete, up-to-date client information, and by recording interactions and enabling persona development. Workbooks supports ABM strategies and customer targeting on a granular level.

"I would recommend Workbooks. What's impressed me the most is how easy it is for us to self-manage. It’s very intuitive, so whatever we need, or whatever we want to get out of that system, if we want to put in a new piece of functionality, it’s really, really simple to do."
Annie Meharg, Chief Commercial Officer, 4ways Healthcare

Frequently asked questions about sales CRM

How do you use CRM to increase sales?

To increase sales using CRM, businesses can leverage insights to nurture customer relationships, track sales team activity to inform decision making, and automate various functions to improve sales efficiency and customer experience.

What is an example of CRM automation?

One example of CRM automation is the automatic notification of customers that have an approaching contract renewal. Automated reminders ensure that customers keep abreast of their coming renewals, improving customer retention, enhancing revenue predictability, and reducing the risk of service lapses that could damage customer relations.

How does CRM help firms to track sales data?

CRM helps firms to track sales data by recording and centralizing sales team activity, such as customer interactions, conversions and cross-selling. This provides a comprehensive view of the sales pipeline, supporting businesses to monitor team performance and make strategic decisions informed by the data.