Training Videos

Training Videos

To help you get the most out of Workbooks we've put together a series of videos showing you how to use different aspects of the functionality, depending on your job role.  New videos are added regularly so do check back here to learn more.  Videos currently available are:

Getting Started with Workbooks

Approx 15 mins

This video introduces you to the basics of using Workbooks and will help you with:

  • Logging in
  • Searching for data
  • Navigating via Landing Pages
  • Working with data in forms
  • Customing views
  • Setting your Preferences

Contact Management

Approx 15 mins

This video introduces how to use Workbooks as a Contact Management system. Specifically it covers:

Working with Leads

Approx 10 mins

This video is designed for people who work with Lead records.  In it you'll learn how to:

Introduction to Workbooks Outlook Connector

Approx 8 mins

Workbooks Outlook Connector allows you to share data you have in Workbooks with Outlook and vice versa.  This video covers how to:

  • Install the Outlook Connector
  • Configure the Connector to control which records are synchronised and how frequently
  • Carry out your first synchronisation
  • Use the Connector on a day-to-day basis

Workbooks for Salespeople

Approx 14 mins

If your role involves winning sales, you should watch this video to learn how to:


Introduction to Workbooks Reporting

Approx 9 mins

Workbooks includes a powerful reporting capability.  This video looks at how to create a report and it includes:

  • Building a simple sales pipeline Report
  • Setting up subtotals within a Report
  • Applying criteria to narrow down the results
  • Building a Summary View of a Report
  • Changing the formatting of a Report
  • Creating a Dashboard

Importing into Workbooks

Approx 15 mins

This video introduces you to the concepts of importing data into Workbooks, whether the data is from a legacy system or from sources such as bought-in data, exhbition attendance information and so on.  Covered in this video is how to:

  • Upload a CSV file
  • Review your uploaded data
  • Create field mappings including concatenated and fixed value mappings
  • Check for existing records
  • Run your import
  • Review and approve your import
  • Undo your import

How to register, login and manage your support cases

Approx 8 mins

This video guides you through our customer support portal, guiding you through the registration, login and management of support cases. Watch this to learn how to:

  • Discover and learn how our case portal works
  • Register and login
  • Reset your password
  • Raise a new case
  • View and update your open cases
  • Look through your case history

Using Workbooks Email Dropbox

Approx 7 mins

This video guides you through how to set up and use the Workbooks Email Dropbox so that you can link inbound and outbound emails to the relevant record(s) within your Workbooks database.  Watch this to learn how to:

  • Create your Dropbox address
  • Configure the settings to suit your needs
  • Download a vCard
  • Forward emails to your Dropbox
  • Link an email to more than one record in your database
  • Find emails you've sent to your Dropbox

Integrating Workbooks with MailChimp

Approx 10 mins

This video is aimed at marketing users who want to utilise the combined strengths of Workbooks and Mailchimp to maximise the success of their marketing efforts. In it you will learn:

  • How to integrate the two systems
  • How to create a Workbooks Marketing Campaign and synchronise it with Mailchimp
  • How to send a campaign from Mailchimp
  • How to view the resulting information in Workbooks