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Pricing packages

Pricing packages

Workbooks Editions

Whatever your requirements, we have the right package to fit your needs.


2 users only


CRM £19 per user per month

Billed Annually

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CRM Pro £30 per user per month

Billed Annually

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Business £42 per user per month

Billed Annually

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Business Pro £52 per user per month

Billed Annually

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Core Functionality
Contact Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sales Team Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Campaign Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Service Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Order Processing Yes No No Yes Yes
Invoicing & Credit Notes Yes No No Yes Yes
Automation Engine No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customisable Layouts No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi Company Extension

Multi Company Extension

Enables you to add multiple ‘own organisations’. Own organisations are typically used to support different VAT schemes, important if you invoice in multiple regions.

No £4 Yes £4 Yes
Multi Currency Extension

Multi Currency Extension

Enables you to create transaction documents (e.g. quotations and orders) in multiple currencies and automatically convert the amount into your ‘home’ currency for reporting.

No £4 Yes £4 Yes
Advanced Security Extension

Advanced Security Extention

This enables you to change the sharing policy so you can restrict access to specific records. This is most commonly used if you want to allow some users to see some records but not all. For example, the UK sales team can see UK Opportunities, but not US Opportunities.

No £4 Yes £4 Yes
Multi Language Extension

Multi Language Extension

This enables your users to use different languages within the Workbooks environment. Record names, field names, pick list values and other entities in Workbooks are translated in different languages, the language displayed to the user is based on their preference. Workbooks is shipped with English, English American, French, German and Spanish, more languages can be provided on request.

No £4 Yes £4 Yes
Audit Extension

Audit Extension

The Audit extension audits every change to a record including changes to individual fields within a record. This enables you to see which changes a user has made to a record. The Audit module can also be used to track the status of a record as it moves through a life cycle. So you can for example, report on all cases which have been in a specific state for a time period. This is often used to track SLA metrics.

No £4 Yes £4 Yes
Contract Management Module

Contract Management Module

Create contract records and raise cases against specific contracts and contract line items.

No £4 Yes £4 Yes
Workbooks Exchange Server Sync

Workbooks Exchange Server Sync Module

The Workbooks Exchange Server Sync synchronises emails, meetings, tasks and people between Microsoft Exchange and Workbooks.

No £4 £4 £4 £4
Workbooks Outlook Connector

Workbooks Outlook Connector Module

A plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that allows you to synchronise contacts and tasks between Workbooks and Outlook and also enables you to share emails from Outlook into Workbooks with a single click.

No £4 £4 £4 £4
Workbooks Mapping Module

Workbooks Mapping Module

The Workbooks Mapping Module allows you to plot records from within Workbooks on a map. You can change the view of a Workbooks grid to a map view and use the filtering capabilities to identify records you want to plot.

No £5 £5 £5 £5
Support Options
Workbooks Forum Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Workbooks Phone/Email Support No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Note: You can mix and match CRM and Business licences. Certain add-ons must be purchased by all users.
To view the full limitations of the free edition - click here.

Web Insights Pricing

Web Insights - our affordable marketing intelligence platform, is billed annually based on the number of pages viewed on your website per month.

Annual page views Monthly price
Annual page views: 50,000 Monthly price: £100
Annual page views: 100,000 Monthly price: £150
Annual page views: 200,000 Monthly price: £250
Annual page views: 400,000 Monthly price: £450
Annual page views: 600,000 Monthly price: £550
Annual page views: 800,000 Monthly price: £600
Annual page views: 1,000,000 Monthly price: £650
Annual page views: 2,000,000 Monthly price: £700

Workbooks GatorMail Pricing

Licences for Workbooks GatorMail, our email marketing platform are sold on an annual basis. If customers exceed their annual allowance, they can upgrade to the next tier.

ANNUAL SENDS: 10,000,000 PRICE PER MONTH: £1,250
ANNUAL SENDS: 15,000,000 PRICE PER MONTH: £1,600
ANNUAL SENDS: 20,000,000 PRICE PER MONTH: £1,900

Implementation Options

Supporting you throughout the entire implementation process is a big part of what we offer at Workbooks.

We provide three options, all of which we'll discuss along with the editions and features you would need to achieve your goals and be successful.

  • £

    Jump Start

    What's involved

    We will run an on-site configuration workshop to help you tailor your Workbooks environment based on the existing templates and workflows already defined in the Workbooks default database.

    A Jump Start would typically be a 5-10 day consultancy engagement at the end of which you will have a CRM system fully operational. 

    Best for

    Straight-forward CRM implementations where the requirements are not complex and you want to get a system up and running quickly.

    Not suitable for

    Complex projects or customers who need to define their CRM requirements.

  • ££

    Shared Success

    What's involved

    We agree a project budget and create a joint project team that includes members of your team and ours.  We will run on-site requirements gathering workshops, we’ll document and agree the requirements before we start configuring Workbooks.

    We will run regular project update meetings (or calls) to ensure the project remains on-track and within budget.

    Best for

    Projects where the CRM requirements need detailed definition, where workflows are a little more complex or when Workbooks needs to be integrated with other systems.

    Not suitable for

    Customers who want a fixed price implementation.

  • £££

    Guaranteed Success

    What's involved

    We set a fixed price for the project, having run a paid for Requirements Gathering workshop in advance.

    Best for

    Customers who want a fixed price deployment and are prepared to invest upfront to clearly define business goals and project scope.

    Not suitable for

    Customers whose requirements may change during the implementation phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I mix and match licences?

    Yes to a degree. Unlike larger vendors like we don’t insist that all users have the same edition of Workbooks.  You can therefore have some users with the CRM Edition and some with the Business Edition. In this example, users with the CRM edition just won’t be able to see or access records like orders and invoices from the database.

    Add-ons such as the Audit extension or the Multi-currency extension need to purchased for all users. Some add-ons like the Outlook Connector and contracts need only to be purchased for users that require that additional functionality.

    You can see further details on the price list

  2. Why is your pricing model so modular?

    We provide modular pricing so that clients only pay for the features they need and use. If for example you don’t want multi-currency capability, you don’t need to pay for it.

    If you do want the majority of the extensions, you can purchase the ‘Pro’ bundles, which allow you to purchase all extensions at a lower price.

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