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B2B Marketing Expo 2021

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G2 Report

Want to compare leading CRM solutions? Based on authenticated user reviews, the ‘Summer 2021 G2 CRM report’ provides the insights you need to make sure you use the best CRM solution for your needs.

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CRM Readiness image

CRM Readiness

This readiness checklist takes you through the steps to help your CRM project succeed, how to clarify the business case for investing in CRM and how to assess if your organisation is ready to start a CRM project.

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How to Guarantee a successful CRM Implementation image

How to Guarantee a successful CRM Implementation

CRM is a journey of improvement and organisational changes, and implementation can bring challenges. Having spent over 10 years implementing hundreds of CRM projects, we’ve been able to identify the 7 golden rules for CRM success…

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6 Steps to switching CRM image

6 Steps to switching CRM

Has your current CRM not delivered the outcomes you expected? Not happy with user adoption? Is your current CRM hindering your growth? Is switching CRM your best option now? This useful checklist will help you define what to consider when switching CRM.

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Workbooks at a Glance image

Workbooks at a Glance

More than a CRM, Workbooks is a platform to manage your business from marketing to sales, order fulfilment, customer support and more. Find out what makes us different…

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TCMM Case Study image

TCMM Case Study

TCMM Shutter Group had outgrown existing systems and the lack of control over its data was holding the firm back. TCMM needed a new CRM system that could be implemented across the group, Workbooks has helped deliver a true business transformation…

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XPS Case Study image

XPS Case Study

XPS Pensions Group, the largest pure pensions consultancy in the UK, adopted Workbooks CRM to replace Salesforce. XPS was looking for a system that offered more flexibility, customisation – and outstanding customer service…

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Ultima Media Case Study image

Ultima Media Case Study

Ultima Media is a global B2B publishing and events business. After evaluating CRM solutions, Ultima Media chose Workbooks as it could be easily customised to their business needs, the expertise of the Workbooks team and the significant ROI forecast from potential business growth.

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LLWR image


Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) is the UK’s primary disposal facility for low-level radioactive waste. LLWR Identified a need for CRM to initially improve their customer teams processes but soon found Workbooks could help with much more…

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