Hundreds of business applications and services

GoCardless offer a quick and simple way to take one-off and recurring payments.

Integrate Workbooks CRM with over 750+ web services using Zapier.

If you have existing data in other CRM systems, databases or spreadsheets, you can import it into Workbooks from a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. CSV files are a standard way of exchanging data

Adobe Sign is a cloud-based e-signature solution which allows you to fully automate signing and approvals across a wide range of departments and business processes

Barbour's construction database helps identify industry trends and potential new customers.

Basecamp is a web-based project management tool launched in 2004. Basecamp offers to-do lists, milestones, file sharing, time tracking and messaging. Workbooks users can integrate with Basecamp to provides free cloud storage and file sharing services that enables you to securely share and access files online.

Campaign Master (UK) Ltd is a leading email marketing platform.

Constant Contact is a cloud based email marketing platform that enables you to build and send attractive emails, and then track the results.

Creditsafe are a global provider of business credit information with data on over 120 million organisations worldwide.

dotMailer is a powerful email marketing and marketing automation platform that enables you to create and send comprehensive email marketing campaigns, and then track the results.

Eventbrite is a marketplace for live experiences (such as theatre show's, gig's and stand-up comedy) allowing people to find, create and buy tickets to events. Eventbrite could be integrated into

EventHQ provides powerful online event registration software that help you to better manage your corporate events, conferences, workshops and charity events.

Google Docs is a cloud-based productivity suite that enables your team to create, access and share documents online, from anywhere.

GoToMeeting is an online meeting, desktop sharing and video conferencing platform offering virtual meeting's over the internet in real time. Integrate with Workbooks for the ability to push

HelloSign is a cloud-based electronic signature tool that enables users to sign, fill out, send, retrieve, and save documents paperlessly.

Hubspot provides marketers with one place from which they can access all the tools they need for effective inbound marketing.

Lead Forensics is the ultimate B2B lead generation tool that identifies your anonymous website visitors and provides the intelligence you need to turn them into new business leads.

Loqate (formally PCA Predict) is one of the world's most trusted data specialist in location intelligence for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

MailChimp is a popular online email marketing solution.

MPZMail is an Email Marketing tool to capture subscribers, create stunning marketing emails and send and track the results in real time.

MySQL is a widely used database management system, MySQL powers many platforms and websites including Workbooks CRM, Facebook, Google, Drupal and Wordpress.

The Workbooks Outlook Connector is a plug-in application for Microsoft Outlook which synchronises key information, including meetings, emails, contacts and tasks between Outlook and Workbooks CRM.

Make Workbooks and Google contacts talk to each other. Add new data to one of both services and it will be automatically reflected in the other one.

SageLink allows you synchronise orders, credit notes, new accounts and invoice information from Workbooks directly into Sage Line 50, 100 and 200.

CCH Software to delivers innovative tax, accounting and practice development software.

Xero is a cloud-based accounting package that enables you to effectively manage your online accounting, bank reconciliation and invoicing.

Zendesk Inc. is an online customer service platform offering rapid interaction between businesses and customers. Users can easily integrate items such as new organisations, user's, forums, tickets

QuickBooks offer's on-premise and cloud based accounting software aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Customers use QuickBooks to accept payments, manage and pay bills and run payroll..

Turn photos of business cards into Sales leads or People.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Microsoft SQL Server is a database management system running as a server allowing software applications to store and retrieve data across singular and multiple networks. Customers can use Microsoft's

Mondago provides CTI software which integrates with Workbooks CRM allowing you to connect your phone system. The Mondago software supports a wide range of phone systems, including traditional PBX

The Workbooks Exchange Server Sync (WESS) offers users the ability to connect over the Microsoft Exchange and synchronise emails, meetings, contacts and tasks between an email provider and Workbooks CRM.


Workbooks allows iFrames so users can easily present web pages hosted on other systems. For example, we could present an article published on the web, within the context of the member record in Workbooks.

Automate processes

Workbooks includes an automation engine and task scheduler. This allows users to run custom PHP scripts to perform processes such as sending automated emails or retrieving requested information.

Open API

Workbooks has a full RESTful web services API that underpins all our integration options and provides a generic method to connect Workbooks to any application that has a corresponding API. The API has the ability to create, read, update and delete all records inside Workbooks.