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Lead management

Get in front of leads you want to meet with – and who want to meet with you

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More focus.
More intelligence.
More opportunities.

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Manage your leads more effectively with Workbooks:

  • Motivate your teams by prioritising the leads most likely to convert into an opportunity
  • Report on leads requiring attention, such as those which haven’t been updated within ‘x’ days or opportunities that don’t have a sales activity associated with them
  • Track your ROI by source or campaign
  • Prioritise sales and marketing activities based on insights gathered by organising, managing and scoring leads
  • Use insights on which leads respond to which campaigns or through which channels to plan future engagement
  • Prioritise new leads based on the response of similar companies using segmentation factors such as source of lead, size, industry sector, and area of interest
  • Focus your activity on the prospects you know are most likely to convert by scoring your leads based on specific attributes that meet your criteria
  • Pass only the most qualified leads to sales by automatically scoring and grading leads by engagement or interest, by demographics or an ideal customer profile
  • Ensure that lead assignment is fair, efficient and effective by automatically assigning leads that have reached a defined threshold to the right sales people

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