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Marketing activity tracking

Reach project milestones and deliver campaigns on time

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More visibility.
More insight.
More control.

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Get a clear, accurate view of your marketing organisation’s performance with Workbooks:

  • Check all activities that are created and completed by the marketing team
  • Make sure key activities have been completed at the right time by creating reports
  • Identify resource issues within your team and prioritise workload
  • Ensure no-one is either over or under-worked by tracking workload and outcomes
  • Reward and retain the best performers while providing support to those who need it
  • Get early warning if you are falling behind on delivery of a campaign or activity, giving the opportunity to refocus resources there
  • Make sure delivering management information doesn’t tip your team into over-work or under-performance
  • Record all marketing activity and cut this data however you want
  • Set up reports on key metrics, and then access these with a single keystroke – any time, anywhere
  • Reach project milestones and deliver campaigns on time by managing your team’s day-to-day workload and outstanding actions

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