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Marketing metrics

Understand and improve marketing accountability and make marketing a profit centre in your business

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More information.
More intelligence.
More insight.

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Prove marketing’s value throughout the entire funnel, and demonstrate how your efforts contribute to revenue with Workbooks, from generating qualified leads to accelerating cycle times and increasing win rates:

  • Get real-time, accurate information on all key metrics from campaign ROI to lead volumes by source and lead conversion
  • Be conversant with and articulate around the numbers and KPIs that represent your organisation’s success
  • Understand the return on investment of each specific campaign or activity
  • Identify your most profitable campaigns and initiatives by using reports to track lead conversion
  • Distribute workload effectively to relieve pressure by tracking your team’s outstanding activities
  • Focus more of your activity on the channels producing most of your leads using key metrics
  • Know who to promote and offer a pay increase and who to work with more closely to improve their outcomes by tracking your team’s performance
  • Make informed decisions about how to prioritise resource with vital information at-a-glance with dashboards and reports

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