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Website analytics & lead capture

Automatically capture leads from your website through forms. Assign them to queues or campaigns and notify sales.

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More visitors.
More leads.
More conversions.

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Attract more visitors and convert more leads by tracking, recording, analysing and following up with your web traffic with Workbooks:

  • Create forms to capture and classify different types of leads
  • Capture relevant information, including source, campaign and medium for ROI reporting
  • Capture visitor data such as last visited date, last conversion, number of visits and pages viewed
  • Report on ‘people on your website today / this week’ to drive sales and marketing behaviour
  • Be notified automatically when key leads have visited your site
  • Make your entire marketing process seamless from start to finish by integrating with third party marketing platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot
  • Know where visitors came from – online search, social media, or another route – and the campaign they responded to
  • Identify which campaign messages work better than others, which channels drive more conversions, which marketing activities encourage sales where in your business
  • Gain greater control over your business by identifying which marketing activity to use when you want to build revenue in a certain area
  • Create web forms on your website which, on completion, automatically and instantly create a record in your CRM
  • Avoid creating duplicate records and eliminate manual processes with intelligent search to check if the record already exists and to update it

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