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Contact management

Use every interaction to capture knowledge and map relationships. Synchronise with Outlook, Exchange/Office 365 or Google Apps. Profile customers and tailor your approach.

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More information.
More intelligence.
More insight.

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Build a deeper understanding over time of your customers and prospects, both at an individual and an organizational level with Workbooks:

  • Make sales more likely and increase satisfaction by solving the right problems with complete, accurate, and up-to-date information about your customers and prospects
  • Increase your sales team’s business intelligence by recording all your interactions, including notes, meetings, previous purchases, tasks and emails
  • Help your marketing team build personas to help with positioning and messaging by profiling individuals and track relationships, including job roles, hobbies and interests
  • Help your sales team build an ABM approach by grouping organisations together, tracking how much you’ve profiled of those organisations, together with outcomes
  • Build more consistency and continuity in your relationships by automatically ‘rolling-up’ information into a single summary view of all interactions
  • Work with your customers and prospects more effectively and efficiently by mapping relationships, such as suppliers, customers, and partners
  • Improve customer targeting and deliver a more personalized approach by segmenting data and profiling customers

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