Web Enablement eBookA web-based CRM system should be at the hub of your web strategy, providing a single platform to support all business transactions both on and offline.

Web enabling the business is now an essential part of any corporate strategy. From the Wi-Fi enabled Kindle support to accountants delivering online portal based services, the web provides a number of ways for organisations to change the way they interact with customers.

However, these services can only be achieved if they are based upon accurate, detailed, up to date customer information – and this information can be securely hosted within a web-based CRM system. Integrating a web-based CRM system into the web site enables businesses to control existing investments whilst creating an end to end engagement model that delivers a seamless experience for customers.

With the right approach to the web strategy organisations can:

  • Reduce costs.
  • Improve the quality, timeliness and relevance of information and services.
  • Transform customer understanding.
  • Create stronger customer relationships.

Having completed many web-based CRM integrations, our CRM experts have provided three top tips on how businesses can exploit a CRM enabled web strategy:

asset-40.png1. Enable Customer Self Service – for many organisations, the quick win from a web enabled strategy is the ability to provide customers with the information they need, when they need it. Enabling online self-service for customers reduces the burden on the organisation while cutting costs and driving down the administrative overhead.


asset-31.png2. Improve relevancy – capturing every customer interaction in a web-based CRM system provides the business with new depths of understanding that can be used to tailor communication and content that is relevant to each customer.


asset-9.png3. Improve upselling and cross-selling opportunities – a web-based CRM system will provide organisations with in-depth customer purchase behaviour and preferences to improve the upselling and cross-selling of add-on products and services.



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