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Services Overview

We are here to understand your business and help you get more of what you need.

Our promise:

A true partnership focused on YOUR business to get you MORE of what you need.

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Workbooks is not just a clever CRM platform but an entire expert team of people who will get to understand your business to make your CRM solution work perfectly for you, whatever your needs. As adaptable and flexible as you need it to be. So you can get on and meet both current and future challenges, enabling you to grow and become more (of whatever you want).

And we’ll be there by your side to make sure that all runs smoothly, from initial consultation, through successful implementation to training and ongoing support.

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Professional Services

You are unique, with your own unique set of business challenges. Our team will take the time to understand exactly what your business needs – so you get MORE if it!

We’ll recommend the best approach to achieve your business outcomes. Our powerful CRM platform will be configured, personalised and fine-tuned by our own experts precisely to your business goals.

And we’ll work with you hand-in-hand to create deployment plans and guide you through the process of setup and implementation to ensure a smooth and fast go-live.

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Customer Success

Our Customer Success team is here to ensure you get more of what you need, now and in the future.

They take accountability for, and proactively manage your CRM journey with us. From onboarding to advice on best practices, driving adoption and ensuring you achieve your desired outcomes, they are always on-hand to help.

We’ll start with what you need today but our platform is powerful and flexible enough to handle whatever tomorrow brings too. Over time, they’ll challenge you to get even more out of your investment. They’ll help you maximise your ROI and dream big!


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Education & Training

To help you and your team get even more of what you need, you also have access to:

A Knowledge base

Self-serve online library of information about the Workbooks platform, how best to use and configure it to meet your goals.

Training videos

Series of tutorial videos that you can watch anytime.

Training courses

If you or your team prefer instructor-led training, we provide face-to-face or virtual training courses.


"Our business has become MORE predictable. We make MORE informed decision and we can prioritise better. We are back in control."

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"We knew from the get-go that Workbooks was the one. Workbooks was MORE flexible and allow us to work the way we want to!"

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TCMM Shutter Group

"Workbooks has become the platform we run the business on, and the efficiencies and insights that it’s generated have been transformational."

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Ultima Media

"Workbooks formed a core part of our business transformation. It’s enabled us to put customers and data at the heart of our business."

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XPS Pensions Group

"Workbooks was able to provide the CRM best suited to our needs. It has made a real difference, has generated significant revenue and enabled us to run our business MORE efficiently.”

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LLW Repository

"Workbooks has had a MORE positive impact on our organisation than we even hoped for. It’s now the platform on which we’re running most of our business."

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Get more of what you need

  • We’ll help you crystallise what success looks like for your business and define the outcomes that are most important to you.
  • We’ll help you identify the best way to achieve your desired outcomes using the Workbooks platform.
  • We’ll scope your project with you and help you make the right decisions for your business.
  • You’ll be able to tap into our in-depth knowledge, experience and best practices.
  • You‘ll be able to leverage our technical architects and engineers to build specific workflows or integrations to external systems designed to fit your business processes.
  • From training to on-going support, you can be confident that we'll be there all the way.