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IT and Marketing Showcase 2022

Workbooks joins up your entire business with a single cloud-based CRM solution that integrates seamlessly with your ERP system.

With real-time reporting and dashboards, Workbooks gives you a single, 360-degree view of your customer that helps you build lasting, profitable relationships and grow long-term revenue in a sustainable way.

And with software and services from a single supplier, you get co-funded implementation to make sure you get a made-to-measure CRM for an off-the-shelf price.

The IT Showcase
Aligning Sales and Marketing  image

Aligning Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing should, in theory, be perfectly aligned. Their core objective is the same – increasing revenue – and their activities overlap in many ways. Yet in reality they take different approaches to it, use different languages, and measure success in different ways. The result is that there is often a significant misalignment of these two functions.

CRM for Manufacturing image

CRM for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is undergoing a transformation that some refer to as fourth industrial revolution (or 4IR). Manufacturers say 4IR is about gaining insights to help improve productivity, deliver greater value to customers and remain competitive.

Why Integrating CRM and ERP can Benefit your Business image

Why Integrating CRM and ERP can Benefit your Business

In an increasingly competitive world, manufacturing companies are continually looking for ways to get ahead and remain profitable. And a growing number are turning to technology in the search for greater revenue through more effective sales and marketing, cost reduction through greater operational efficiency, and improved collaboration throughout the business.

Russell Finex Switched From Salesforce To Workbooks To Manage Sales Operations image

Russell Finex Switched From Salesforce To Workbooks To Manage Sales Operations

A worldwide leader in fine mesh separation technology, Russell Finex has enjoyed 85 years of successful growth, to become an international group employing over 250 direct employees. Offering the widest range of sieving and filtration equipment on the market, Russell Finex supplies to over 140 countries with customers in the UK, USA, Belgium, India and China, as well as a far-reaching network of experienced agents and distributors across the world.

Having initially rolled out Salesforce for it’s US operation Sales & Marketing, Director Rob O’Connell was tasked with replacing CRM globally and started to re-evaluate solutions for the whole group.   His requirements were clear, provide better data management, insights and scalability across markets. From a shortlist he decided that Workbooks was the best fit and it is now used widely across departments from sales & marketing, customer service, operations and management.  The next part of the CRM journey includes integration with ERP – watch the video for the full story.

CRM for Marketing image

CRM for Marketing

Deliver the right propositions to the right people at the right time and in the right way using CRM capabilities.

CRM is increasingly used by the marketing function to help segment customer data, gain insights into customers, track customer journeys, organise resources, manage relationships and create positive feedback loops.

This report covers:

  • Getting accurate data;
  • Improving segmentation and targeting;
  • Co-ordinating marketing efforts;
  • Managing suppliers;
  • Tracking customer journeys;
  • Automating activities;
  • Performance tracking; and
  • Sales and marketing alignment.
Spotler switched from Microsoft Dynamics to Workbooks CRM image

Spotler switched from Microsoft Dynamics to Workbooks CRM

SpotlerUK was launched – initially as Communigator – in 2005 with the aim of improving marketing automation. Powered by AI, SpotlerUK is a leading marketing automation and lead generation software provider.

Spotler offers an all-in-one inbound and outbound platform that includes email, social media, IP lookup, web forms, landing pages, popups and more. The platform enables marketing and sales teams to run complete marketing campaigns, convert more traffic and generate more leads.

The shift to Workbooks was prompted in Autumn 2019 when Microsoft introduced price rises to Dynamics 365. “We already know the value CRM brings to Spotler,” says Lee Chadwick, CEO of SpotlerUK. “But we are always conscious of the return on investment, we have quite complex CRM processes and Workbooks have more than proved that they can deliver.”

The value of Combining CRM and Marketing Automation image

The value of Combining CRM and Marketing Automation

In a time when marketers are under unprecedented pressure to produce commercial results, a growing number of organisations are finding that the integration of CRM and Marketing Automation is giving them the competitive advantage they need. They are seeing better-qualified leads into the sales funnel, extended visibility in both directions, and far greater marketing and sales alignment. This report covers:

  • The trend towards integration;
  • Understanding CRM and Marketing Automation;
  • Aligning sales and marketing;
  • Scoring, personalisation and marketing intelligence for improved lead generation;
  • ROI tracking and when, where and how to engage with prospects.
Building A Business Case For CRM image

Building A Business Case For CRM

Building a business case is an essential step in any CRM procurement project, but it is all too often rushed, glossed over, or ignored altogether.

Typically CRM advocates within a business are keen to rush to the next stage of understanding the business’ requirements. They assess vendors, put together a shortlist, meet them all, compare and contrast features and benefits, make their recommendations to the Board, and are then disappointed when the business decides not to make the investment.

The reasons for their enthusiasm are understandable. They are advocates and as such they are already convinced of the need for a CRM system. Perhaps they have seen one in action in a previous role or have heard of the benefits in a media article or from someone they met at a conference. They just want to get on, select the best provider, and start making the company operate better.