Become a Referral Partner

Earn Commission on Successful Sales

Recommend our leading CRM & Marketing Automation solutions within your network – including your customers, suppliers and partners – and earn commission for every qualifying referral.

As a Referral Partner, you’ll assist with lead referral introductions and relationship development, while we at Workbooks will provide the expertise in our products and technology and drive the sales cycle to conclusion.

Workbooks will compensate Referral Partners for referrals that result in a software license sale. This is a partnership that benefits you, the organization you refer and us.

Who is this Program for?

Workbooks Referral Program is perfect for sales and marketing consultants, marketing services agencies, business and change management advisors, IT/technology businesses, ISVs and industry specific technology providers.

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Sales & Marketing Consultants

Professionals who help businesses develop and implement marketing and sales strategies and help them adopt adequate software to operationalize them.

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Business Advisors

Professionals who work with business executives to drive transformation projects or organizational change and recommend software to support the transition.

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Technology Businesses / ISVs

Professionals who help organizations choose the right technology or IT software infrastructure to address specific business needs.

What's in it for you?

Become a Referral Partner and you’ll earn commission on all successful sales referrals.

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Program Requirements

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