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Events can be a great way for marketers to raise awareness and interest in their brand. It allows for a longer, deeper engagement than is possible through most other forms of marketing. Attendance requires effort and so tends to produce significant engagement with the marketing message, the product or the organisation. And for salespeople there is no substitute for meeting prospects. Even if sales are not closed at the event, the door to future contact is opened.

  • Easily publish events on the website.

  • Attendees can sign-up online (and pay if appropriate) and Workbooks is automatically updated with attendance details.

  • Send follow-up emails automatically pre/ post / live event.

  • Manage attendance easily

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CRM for Event Management

There are many benefits to events, but, as anyone who has ever organised one knows, they are time consuming. Conceiving the idea, finding the venue, organising catering, booking AV equipment and all the other practicalities, creating promotional materials, lining up speakers, planning the agenda, building invite lists, writing and issuing invitations, managing bookings, tracking attendance on the day, ensuring everything runs smoothly, and then delivering a professional and effective follow-up. Events are hard work.

CRM from Workbooks makes them easier. Marketers can plan, organise and promote live events, webinars or training courses from within Workbooks CRM. Events can easily be published on your website. You can schedule communication to contacts. Delegates can self-register and, if appropriate, pay on the platform. Workbooks is automatically updated with attendance details, and it can then be set up to issue reminder emails, information on directions, timings, speakers, accommodation, and so on.

On the day, reception / welcome desk can check people in using the Workbooks App and attendance is automatically updated in Workbooks CRM. In the same way, post-event communication can all be managed, automated and streamlined. You create the flow of your communications ahead of time, based on what is best practices for your business, and the process will take care of itself, automatically. Reminders will be sent t the right time, thank you email will be personalised, payment will be recorded etc. You can set it up once and re-use many time.

And of course if you do not want to use the Workbooks event functionality, Workbooks can also integrate with third party event management platforms like GoToWebinar or Eventbrite.

Using CRM from Workbooks takes the hard work out of running an event. It frees marketers up for the higher value activities like conceiving ideas for events, attracting the highest calibre speakers, and connecting with delegates on the day.

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