Project Description


Many of us have recently had the time to take a look through our marketing portfolio, or perhaps do a content audit so we know what we’ve got and where it all is but, how can you use that content in this ‘new normal’ to continue to keep prospects and customers engaged? If you found any gaps what is the best way to fill them?

In this webinar Richard Wall, Senior Marketing Executive, Spotler, Martha de Monclin, Bijou PR & Paul Walker, FNX Media will take you through the changes they have seen in their areas of content expertise and discuss ways to disseminate and optimise your content in this new digital age, things such as:

  • What content should you be filling your social media channels with?
  • How videos used in the right way could deliver results for your business
  • What should you be filling your blog with and is a PR strategy the way to go?

Watch now and get actionable insights for your business.

Paul Walker
Paul WalkerDirector, FNX Media
Paul has 20+ years experience helping SMEs and large B2B companies alike create powerful, simple videos. Find him at:
Martha de Monclin
Martha de MonclinDirector, Bijou PR
Martha is a Technology PR and Communications Specialist with over 15 years experience both on the client and agency side across the US and Europe. Find her at:
Richard Wall
Richard WallSenior Marketing Executive, Spotler
Richard works for Spotler a Marketing Automation company running all their social media campaigns and is the go to guy for any social media advice. You can find them here: